Patrizio Bekerle


QOwnNotes is the open source notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows, that works together with Nextcloud Notes and ownCloud Notes. Tech Stack: C++, Qt, QML Webpage | GitHub | Installation | Changelog | Issues | Shortcuts | Documentation | Screenshots | Nextcloud API | Nextcloud App Page | ownCloud API | Telegram Group | IRC Chat | Gitter Chat | Mastodon | Twitter | Facebook | QOwnNotes Web Companion Firefox extension | QOwnNotes Web Companion Chrome extension | QOwnNotes Web App | QOwnNotes Tor Hidden Service

QOwnNotes Web Companion

The QOwnNotes Web Companion browser extension is a Chrome / Firefox browser extension to interact with the note-taking desktop application QOwnNotes for managing bookmarks and act as a web-clipper. Tech Stack: VueJs, HTML, JS, CSS GitHub | Changelog | Releases | Chrome Web Store | Firefox Add-ons page | QOwnNotes web page


This Nextcloud app lets you visualize your podcast subscriptions and episode downloads from GPodderSync, which acts as a basic api to sync podcast consumer apps (podcatchers) like AntennaPod. Tech Stack: Nextcloud, PHP, VueJs, HTML, JS, CSS GitHub | Nextcloud App Store | Changelog

WebAppPassword Nextcloud App

WebAppPassword is a Nextcloud app to generate a temporary app password and set CORS headers to allow WebDAV/CalDAV access from inside a webpage. Tech Stack: Nextcloud, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS GitLab | GitHub Mirror | Nextcloud App Store | Releases | Changelog | Report issues

QOwnNotes Web App

With the QOwnNotes Web App you are able to take photos from your smartphone and insert it into your current note in QOwnNotes. Tech Stack: Go, VueJs, HTML, JS, CSS, Docker Online | GitHub | Documentation | Docker image | Web Changelog


hswitch is a hosts file content switcher to modify your static ip addresses quickly for development. It currently only works under Linux. Tech Stack: C++, Qt GitHub | Changelog | Issues


LogAnalyzer is a tool that helps you to analyze your log files by reducing the content with regular expression patterns you define. There is an extension for eZ Publish (legacy) to download log files directly from the server. Tech Stack: C++, Qt GitHub | Changelog | Issues | Installation


NextBackup (formerly OwnBackup) is the simple database backup solution for your ownCloud 8.1+ and Nextcloud (up to Nextcloud 20) installation. Its main purpose is to provide an easy solution to restore the tables of an app in case you accidentally corrupted the data or did anything you regret later. Beware: This application depends on private (now partly deprecated) ownCloud / Nextcloud API and only works as good as this API!


Movietime is a simple personal movie database, written in Ruby on Rails. You can specify local directories that will be checked for movies and matched with metadata and a poster images from IMDB. Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, HTML, JS, CSS GitHub